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Do you have parts from suppliers that need sorting inspection?

  • Have defects escaped to your customer’s facility?
  • Have you seen an increase of waste but lack the time to problem solve effectively?
  • Is your team too small to handle bad parts that made it through production?
  • Have you been put on containment?

When urgency has you against a wall, lean on Us to get you out of a tight space!

Find & Contain QUality Issues

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What others are saying about us

Clover Tool Manufacturing established a partnership with Phoenix Quality. Clover has realized great dividends from this partnership with Phoenix. We have reduced our sorting costs by 50% in 1 year by leveraging their very concise reporting; Interfacing with their great staff and establishing strong connections with their leadership.

It is a pleasure working with the Phoenix team!

Robert Zeni
General Manager | Clover Tool Manufacturing


Effective. Efficient. Timely.

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Third-Party Sorting Inspection that will get Your Production Moving.

Stop escaping defects, containment and product recall with Phoenix Quality Third-party Sorting, Quality Inspection and Rework Services. You will have a direct impact on your bottom line with the reduction of client warranty returns, rejected components and expedition requests. Plus, no more headaches from client complaints of assembly line stops and their loss of productivity. Your production can start impressing your customer parts procurement teams with consistency that benefits your customers and your company stakeholders.

Our boots on-the-ground philosophy has been supporting Quality and Plant Managers for 20 years. We can offer you immediate and comprehensive solutions to match the magnitude of your crisis with the support you need to keep the lines running.

Phoenix Quality can Help You go home on time and Guide Your Team to understand the signs before it’s too late.

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The Phoenix Quality Inspection team is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a preferred Supplier of Quality Assurance to major manufacturers. We ensure our customers the true value of quality.

Non-Compliant parts, defects and inspection types that we can implement for your business include:

(but are not limited to)

  • Cracks
  • Hole Placement
  • Paint Imperfections & Scratches
  • Functional item checks
  • Diameter measurements
  • Damaged components
  • Visual inspection
  • Rack Loading
  • Foreign Objects
  • Excess Trim
  • Short Trim
  • Seatbelt stitching and webbing
  • Tolerance Measurements
  • Bar thickness measurements
  • Miscellaneous & Mixed Parts
  • Thread checks
  • Weld Checks
  • Molding Failures

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PQ Start Your Quality Inspection, giving you outstanding service & reporting.

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Preferred GM Approved Supplier of CS2 (Controlled Shipping Level 2)

Don’t wait for an emergency to investigate how we can help you.

Become a world class supplier with quality practices, engineering and auditing support from Phoenix Quality.  Build robust processes and in-house knowledge that improves your long-term capabilities.  Quite simply, avoid sorting and save more later by calling on us earlier.

Stop Micromanaging Temp Workers inspecting parts. Mitigate Risk with Quality Inspectors and Supervisors that isolate suspect parts for your success, and deliver comprehensive reports that Save You Time every day.

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Let us know what you need Inspection support for. Phoenix Quality Results Specialists are ready to start your comprehensive quality plan with the guidance and manpower you need to put production back on-track.

Part Sorting that Supports Your Team’s Efforts

We support our clients with tailored and cost-effective quality manufacturing and containment services that remedy production or supplier problems.

Lean manufacturing principles are putting pressure on manufacturers to achieve high standards with faster turnaround and low rejection rates. Just-in-time (JIM) manufacturing and Zero Parts-Per-Million (PPM) requirements, 100% of the time is a steep haul for many Tier One and Tier Two factories.  With our third-party sorting service expertise, quality recruitment of inspectors and mobile technology we can get your production to a new level of productivity.

Bad parts occur, that’s a fact.  It’s how quickly and accurately your organization quarantines non-conforming parts coupled with the ability to prevent further occurrences, that will make a difference in operational performance.  Phoenix Quality’s unique integration of people and technology is ensuring containment scares are kept at bay and self-imposed controlled shipping is eliminated. It’s our mission for industry to eliminate the need for third-party sorting teams.  We aim to get your production processes back on their feet so that you won’t need our

Phoenix Quality can deploy a team to your facility or your supplier’s facility prior to shipping, with the necessary equipment to perform effectively and efficiently. We approach the sort inspection by automating the process with tools and systems to make it easier for our sorting inspectors and your production team, saving your business valuable time and money.

We are ISO Compliant & 100% audit ready!

Benefits of using Phoenix Quality for Third-Party Sorting

Traceability and Transparency – Understand where bad parts are occurring in the production line with traceable data. Isolate machine or operator performance to predict future issues and preventative maintenance requirements. Start avoiding noncompliant parts being produced with the real-time data our inspectors collect. Instant statistics by part, reason, time, lot, clean points, downtime and more will help you discover new insights to many of the processes in your production.

Real-time Reporting – We collect the data and you can analyse critical Key Performance Metrics such as I-Charts, R-Charts, X-Charts, Top 5 Failures or custom graphs and reports. Don’t wait for the end of shift report or the next day to see rejection rates and additional downtime. You can access reports at your convenience and location on demand with cloud storage.

Quality Control – Capture the evidence and rectify compliance issues. Non-conforming components won’t end up in your customer assembly lines if you eradicate the cause with quality control measures

Quality Inspectors – Phoenix Quality reinvest in staff so that we can have the best available teams at your facility, sorting parts. We have trimmed middle management by automating analytics and daily reporting requirements which means we can use savings to provide quality training in compliance for supervisors and inspectors. We are also not a temp agency so when we arrive at your location, we have trained staff with consistent results and experienced supervisors that will take the stress off your production team.

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Is quality costing you time and money?  We can walk you through our third-party sorting and quality inspection services and software to put you and your manufacturing quality issues at the forefront of waste reduction.  Achieve new profitability with solutions that deliver real-time data and proven results.

Need Containment? Mitigate crisis with Third-Party Sorting

If you have been notified that you are on containment CS1 or CS2, or if you have a supplier that you need to put on containment with third-party sorting and inspection, we can help. Mitigate the risk of further containment or supplier relationship damage that can set your production lines back. Phoenix quality is a trusted quality assurance supplier that will provide you with the essential support required to navigate through controlled shipping issues.

Customer & Supplier Representation

Get back to conformance! As a preferred third-party quality inspection company Phoenix Quality can get your products back to the compliance levels that are expected of your manufacturing team. Not only will our third-party containment team isolate defective parts effectively our non-conformance auditing procedures and tracking software will deliver your plant new insight into the issues causing defective parts to be missed or made in production.

Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

Predict in-service quality issues and react instantly with E-data Now!

Our part sorting inspection team are equipped with auditing software that delivers real-time data including photo and video evidence. Mobile technology is allowing unstable processes and patterns in defective components to be identified immediately in the production cycle. Following instant email notifications of non-conforming parts, data-driven decisions can be made for immediate improvement in performance. E-Data Now can record serial codes and batch numbers that can identify specific operators or machines that need troubleshooting. You can literally predict when preventative maintenance should be scheduled to reduce any waste or downtime.

Our E-data Now App will assist in the isolation of problem parts and processes. Phoenix Quality will help your production teams reduce and even eliminate the need for third parting inspections with our proprietary software. This quality inspection software will help eliminate your need for third-party sorting and inspection companies, even us.  You can start thinking about having sorting inspection as an in-house operation by implementing this simple mobile app into your own operations.  It has been built and tested on the shop floor and proven to improve inspection processes before and during containment. Capture images of good and bad parts, load work instructions and examples for training and output reports to react immediately to non-compliant components and downtime in procedures. E-Data Now creates clarity in processes and this stand-alone product can start reducing your waste and put you on the path to continuous improvement.

Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

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Total Quality Assurance. Precision Driven Results.