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A pre-shipment inspection in China is an essential element for auditing your supplier, eliminating waste and protecting your brand and supply chain.

Phoenix Quality provide pre-shipment inspections services in China to North American companies that require imported goods to comply with North American standards. When you work with Phoenix Quality you are dealing with an inspection company that understands the intricate nature of manufacturing quality for optimal performance. We help protect your import revenues with quality assurance levels that are set here. Our Chinese office and inspection team scrutinise the goods in order to comply with the regulations of the receiving destination.

If you are importing from China you should insist on a PSI certificate of inspection to prevent any shortfalls which require mitigation after the fact. You and Your Products are in good hands with Phoenix Quality.

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Pre-shipment Inspection

A Chinese pre-shipment inspection is a systematic physical quality inspection of your parts or products prior to completion of the production batch. This pre-shipment inspection for quality control is conducted on-premise when at least 80% of the goods are ready, which is usually within the last few days before the supplier/manufacturer is due to hand over the parts/products for distribution. The pre-shipment inspection is completed in accordance to the Acceptable Quality Limits AQL) and the client contract specifications. Verification of goods assures that the contract quality, product specifications, price and quality are being met within an agreed term.

The main purposes of a pre-shipment inspection is to:

  • Certify industry compliance
  • Confirm the overall quality of the products is as the client would expect it to be
  • Remove defective items on location to avoid sorting & inspection requirements at the destination facility
  • Ensure your order is filled successfully prior to shipment
  • To ensure the factory is on schedule for delivery

Internationally Certified Quality Experts

Phoenix Quality inspection is an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control agent and proud to be an industry leader for manufacturing quality services. Our quality inspectors will check manufactured goods against the compliance standards of the destination market and of the receiving client. We use propriety quality inspection software that delivers instant notifications of non-conformance in multiple languages. By using our quality control services, Clients can access defect reports for data-driven decision making which is giving them transparency in the processes and higher cost-effective benefits.

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Third Party Pre-shipment Inspection

Our comprehensive inspection of goods and import documentation will help you maintain compliance.

We focus on the following checkpoints for your protection:

  • Quality & Workmanship
  • Product Specifications /  dimensions
  • Local Destination Compliance
  • On-site functional & durability testing
  • Packaging for shipment
  • Product valuation for importation

Benefits of choosing PQ

Inspect your shipment and stop bad parts from arriving onshore. Phoenix Quality will significantly reduce your risk of importing sub-standard goods by inspecting shipments and production in China in the packing stage or before dispatch.

Ensure your product specifications meet industry standards and client requirements. We help you mitigate the risk of excessive defects reaching the destination, check quality and quantity is meet and import tariffs are abided by.

We are constantly striving to exceed our clients’ expectations and to put them on the road to continuous improvement. Our quality inspection division in China is no exception to our innovative approach to the culture of quality and in the reduction of waste in manufacturing.

Our quality inspectors receive regular training in their specialist fields including using E-Data Now for continuous data collection.

You can benefit from and use the power of our proprietary quality control software to assure your product quality in China without leaving your office. The robust system can track your parts and products through their lifecycle  Learn more >>

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