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Are You using Agencies and still Struggling to Find Quality Employees?

  • Are you tired of the turnover of candidates that don’t know what they are getting in to?
  • Are you sick of the same pitch stuck in a loop, leaving you to choose from the lesser of evils?
  • Have you been strong-armed by a plethora of recruiters because you and your team don’t have time to do the job yourselves?
  • Do you feel like you have no other options for recruitment support?

There is another way. We can help you

Make a Change

with a winning combination
For a sustainable future

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Your Recruitment Success Awaits

Embark on the new method of finding quality employees. You won’t simply discover why this approach works better and is more cost effective, you’ll question why you haven’t seen or tried it earlier.
You will gain new faith in recruiters, have better return on investment and be connected to new candidates that help you to build a strengthened foundation for your business.

Have you outgrown the agencies that deliver “just enough”?

Arrange a call with a recruitment results specialist to determine the best way for your business to employ outstanding candidates.

What exactly is different about transparent recruiting and the “traditional agency model

How manufacturing and production companies can start leveraging in-house recruiters without paying for the agency placement model.

Don’t be fooled by the traditional methods built for the success of agencies that bank on long-term turnover.  Stop struggling with ongoing costs of recruitment agencies and a revolving door on candidates that can’t hack it.

Transparent recruiting empowers your team with the assistance you need to recruit, vet and employee quality candidates for your business without doing any of the leg work.  PQ Recruiters have specialised experience in recruiting for Manufacturing and Production businesses.

“You don’t pay a lawyer to rent their house, but you do hire a lawyer for their expertise to help you buy a house securely. Why rent employees when all you need is help to hire them?”

Transparent recruiting gives you access to HR and recruitment professionals for as much or as little as you need them to match and employee quality candidates. Phoenix Quality takes the reins for your hiring needs, including marketing initiatives across multiple channels to find the right people for your business. We act as your team on-the-ground team with specialists delivering candidates to your business. We can help you establish processes for best fit employment and ease the transition for new workers and your management teams.

Get cost effective services without ongoing percentages being added to your employees’ hourly wages and start saving immediately.

Reduce Ongoing Costs

Connect with Candidates suited to Your Industry

Retain Better Employees


  • We learn your hiring requirements and the marketplace to determine which recruitment methods are best suited to your environment
  • We propose how we will undertake the recruiting process with the materials and promotional budget to match your needs with quality prospects
  • We take care of business as in-house recruiting assistants for your team including running promotion across the appropriate channels, conducting interviews, hiring and if you need it, we’ll even provide basic safety training.

Arrange your discussion with our results specialists and discover how we can start saving you thousands in wages with non-bias methods. It’s absolutely free.

Driven by Purpose

Helping industry find employees that match their work requirements and company culture.

PQ are disrupting the Recruitment Agency Industry after being let down with constant turnover and continual expense.  We work in manufacturing and finding the right people has always been a challenge. Have you faced this battle?

In 2016 PQ won a large contract with an automotive company scaling up for increased production. As they scaled, so did we and there was no shortage of hurdles in finding and retaining labour.  The contract meant we needed hundreds of workers to work across three shifts a day. We quickly turned to agents to help us increase capacity and we noticed the drop-off rate was sometimes suspicious, but mostly we watched our margins being skimmed with every employee we used.

So, we built an in-house recruitment team to fulfil staffing requirements.  We unlocked the power of proven strategies that are usually reserved for large corporate HR teams.  By using different media channels, devising recruitment processes and managing the orientation and training techniques we became well-oiled machine. The floodgates opened for new prospects, successful candidates and some of our best employees to date.  We even developed robust orientation and training programs to develop staff with the skills they needed before working on location. In one month, we had 428 applicants and employed 196 of them. It was an outstanding turnaround for us and now we want to help you to succeed the same way.


It’s time we unlock this power for you, by giving you support of a recruitment team without retaining them in an ongoing basis and removing the margins of hourly wages.

Are you ready to unleash an in-house recruitment team on your market, working for your benefit?

Take your recruitment requirements to the next level and reach freedom from ongoing hourly placement rates and a circulation pool of workers getting shared around.

It’s absolutely Free. We’ll contact you to arrange a time to show you how easy recruiting should be.

Real Results. Real Saving.

Hear how we can change the way recruitment works for your business and make the change from traditional agencies methods to a model that wins for you.

PQ gives you the benefit of an experienced HR team to act as your in-house recruitment team

Yes, we are a recruitment team working for your business’ best interests so you can rest assured we have screened incoming candidates effectively and picked the best from the bunch.

Start with a discovery call with one of our results specialists which is followed by a Personalised Consultation demonstrating how you can save thousands and employ outstanding team members.

The truth is,

and it’s a truth that recruitment agencies have been disguising for far too long,
is that the bundled hourly rate adds up quickly and your business is the one paying for it. They have a win/lose equation that generates ongoing funds for their business and deliver no certainty that candidates will make the term. Leaving you in an ongoing cycle of new recruits and rotating doors.

The recruitment equation looks a lot like this:

1 employee placed = wage + 3.5 to 4 points x hours in a week x 13 weeks

$14 /hr worker = $18.90/hr you pay to the employment agency

38 hours a week x $18.9 = 718.20 ($186.20)

$2,420.60 Agency Fees per employee before you have the option to employ them for your business and pay their regular wage.  If they don’t make it to the end of the cycle you will continue to pay $186.20 every week for each placement.


$16/hr worker = $2,756 Agency Fees per employee

$18/hr worker = $3,107 Agency Fees per employee


Phoenix Quality can help you reduce this expense with a time and materials price-based model that you undertake when you need. Once you start the transparent recruiting journey you will start to establish a robust program for scaling up when production increases and even learn to adopt some the of the methods we use to reduce your effort.

Our model will help dissolve fears of lack of staffing and increase your belief in quality recruiting, making your team successful and your managers praise you for the cost reduction you will see in a matter of weeks.

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Transparent Recruiting.
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Speak with a Recruitment Results Specialist

Arrange a call with a results specialist to determine the best way for your business to employ outstanding candidates and start saving expense and retaining more employees.

About Phoenix Quality

For 18 Years Phoenix Quality has led the automotive market in Quality Engineering and Containment services (Crisis Management), pioneering development in process control with shop floor software to increased efficiency. The Company has worked with Tier One, Two and OEMs to reduce waste, improve productivity, place temp-to-hire candidates and build an internal culture of quality for continued success. We have helped companies save millions of dollars and transformed shop floor production with measurable outcomes.

Our Senior Advisors have a diverse wealth of knowledge with unrivalled expertise at the coalface of manufacturing. Our hands-on approach from evaluation, supplier selection and development to up-skilling, recruitment and technology means the results we can help you achieve are powerful and sustainable. We take a holistic view of people and processes for long-term problem solving and support your implementation of the solutions that drive enduring results in line with business objectives.

Our boots on-the-ground philosophy has been supporting Production, Quality and Plant Managers for nearly 20 years because we generally care for manufacturers to achieve success with the support and services they need to do so.

Supporting Industry in achieving continuous improvement with Quality Recruitment Expertise