Resolution for
Containment Operations

Inspection and Quality Engineering support when your current quality control is no longer sufficient

Third-party Sorting & Corrective Action Implementation

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Are you on self-imposed containment or customer driven controlled shipping?

  • Have you been alerted to escaping defects?
  • Is your team equipped to catch non-conformance so that you can exit containment?
  • Do you have the resources to problem solve and implement corrective action?
  • Do have a team that can act swiftly in crisis to avoid greater profit loss?

Isolate defective parts and Resolve

Containment Criteria

If you are caught out with unnoticed non-conformance or the arrival of bad parts in your production line, it’s time to lean on Phoenix Quality as your safety net. Contain suspect material or parts and root cause the issue to reduce more lost time and profitability. Phoenix Quality’s sorting and containment services provide the necessary assistance to resolve non-conforming discrepancies. Start your campaign to escape Containment and Controlled Shipping with a Quote.

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The Stakes are High in a Quality Crisis. We can help you Avoid Catastrophe!

Sorting and Containment Services

Supporting your team to Conclude CS1, CS2 and containment operations swiftly

Arrange a discovery call to establish a scope of work that ensures your quality concerns are resolved quickly. Our Quality Sorting and Containment Services are Cost Effective

Boots-on-the-ground Knowledge with Practical Solutions

Excellent Customer Service & Tireless Sorting

Optimized Reporting with Accurate Data & Reporting

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Phoenix Quality is a GM Approved Supplier of third-party sorting and containment. Suppliers have 24 hours to enter into a contract with a GM CS2 Containment Approved Provider. We can help you throughout the campaign to escape Controlled Shipping Level 2. Take Action Now. Start with a Quote.

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We are ISO Compliant (9001:2015 ISO) and 100% audit ready.

Our Sorting & Containment Services include:

(but not limited to)

  • Inspection Types: Visual, Dimensional, Performance Testing, Validation Testing, Certification
  • Controlled Shipping Level 1 (CS1)
  • Controlled Shipping Level 2 (CS2)
  • CS1/CS2 Customer/ Supplier Representation
  • CS1/CS2 Reporting
  • GP12 – 2000 part inspection
  • Quality CS1/CS2 Corrective Action Plans
  • Root Cause Problem Solving and Corrective Action Implementation
  • Documented and verified irreversible corrective actions and additional controls to prevent future recurrences
  • Safe Launch
  • Revised Control Plans, PFMEA, Flow Diagram, Operator Instructions as required
  • Approved Drill Deep Worksheet and Read Across (GM 1927-84 and GM 1927-69)
  • Establishing Exit Criteria; Document Preparation and/or Verification

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3. Fast Implementation

PQ Start Your Quality Inspection, giving you outstanding service & reporting.

What others are saying about us

Having dealt with multiple sorting companies over the years in various parts of the world, I can always count on Phoenix Quality Inspections to provide prompt, professional services. Phoenix Quality is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure both our internal and our customer’s production requirements remain unaffected by unforeseen circumstances. Phoenix Quality provides top-tier support at a very competitive price point!

Kyle Laurie
Quality Engineering Specialist | Indiana Automotive Fasteners


Stop Escaping Defects & Exit Controlled Shipping Status

By the time you discover an evident number of defects you might already face being notified or notifying a supplier of imposed controlled shipping containment. Your first corrective action is to call Phoenix Quality. If you or your customer have identified consistent problem parts then it’s time to root out the issue to reduce your lost time and profitability.  As industry leaders in quality inspection and sorting Phoenix Quality can impact your operational performance immediately and set your production on a path to Zero PPM.

Phoenix Quality’s corrective measures will improve your service and reduce waste by identifying containment issues and quarantining non-conforming parts quickly.  We work with suppliers and their customers as a non-bias third-party parts sorting company when containment is necessary.  We can perform quality inspections, bin sorting and parts sorting and re-modification at the manufacturing facility prior to shipment or at the receiving end before the parts are circulated for the next stage of production.

Our Senior Quality Managers have a diverse wealth of knowledge with unrivalled expertise at the coalface of manufacturing.

Our hands-on approach from ISO certification, root cause analysis and process improvement to upskilling and technology means the results we can help you achieve are powerful and sustainable. Phoenix Quality can deploy sorting teams for prompt containment and we can help recalibrate your team to make better critical decisions when surprise strikes.

Get Quality Support

Implement Proactive Processes

Ensure Ongoing Results

Avoid the sleepless nights when defects drive your margins into the ground with support for turnaround of your current production and operational health. Implement protocol with backing that reduces waste and resolves manufacturing crisis swiftly.

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Let us know what you need Inspection support for. Phoenix Quality Results Specialists are ready to start your comprehensive quality plan with the guidance and manpower you need to put production back on-track.

Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

Third-party Sorting that facilitates Preventative Processes

We offer a transparent objective – to resolve your crisis and facilitate your team with the knowledge to manage and prevent the next threat.

The times have changed. Manufacturers are demanding more of their suppliers and of their internal processes to exceed expectations and hand the results across to their customers.  If you need improved performance; as a supplier looking to resolve rejected parts or accelerated time-to-market failures; or as a customer that simply needs to prevent line stops caused by noncompliant materials or finished parts, Phoenix Quality supports top management with tailored and cost-effective quality sorting and containment services that effectivity remedy production problems helping quality consistency and efficiency.

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Controlled Shipping Level 1 (CS1)

Phoenix Quality can assist your team in part sorting and in-house quality inspections before you reach critical stages of containment.  Our expertise in sorting and containment, as well as inspection recruitment and training, will have your non-conforming parts identified faster.  We will implement trouble-shooting processes to detect the underlying issue resulting in non-conforming parts. Don’t wait to reach CSL2 before you address the problem, Phoenix Quality can start saving you money today.

Controlled Shipping Level 2 (CS2)

Get back to conformance! As a preferred third-party quality inspection company Phoenix Quality can get your products/parts back to the compliance levels that are expected of your manufacturing team. Not only will our third-party sorting and containment team isolate defective parts effectively our non-conformance auditing procedures and tracking software will deliver your plant new insight into the issues causing defective parts to be missed or made in production.

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Recall Management Software

Navigate a recall crisis with quality management software that streamlines your data to locate recall and suspect parts earlier.

If you are faced with a recall of products or parts, E-data Now will ensure you can rapidly identify them in the warehouse or on location.  Gain visibility of your parts/products in their production, distribution & retail cycles by utilizing mobile technology.  Your quality audits will run smoothly with thorough reporting, captured evidence and recorded corrective actions.

Match serial and bin numbers with QR and barcode scanners, record video, capture images and have work instructions for inspectors.  When you need to deploy a team to restrict a fallout from recall, our auditing software can save you precious time for effective resolution.

Learn more about how our quality auditing software can protect your reputation with critical data.

Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

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CS1/CS2 Reporting


Track & Analyse Non-compliant Parts with Real-Time Data

Implement quality systems from the results of in-depth reporting by Phoenix Quality. Our precise data collection during the containment period is sure to uncover other issues in the production process that can be corrected to increase productivity and eliminate waste on the floor. Our E-Data Now software delivers real-time reporting which can radically reduce critical pressures seen in JIT and MRP production environments. Identity early and even predict non-conforming parts before they happen.

Quality Management


Take control of production quality with our Knowledge

Come to the source of total quality in manufacturing inspection. Phoenix Quality can manage your onsite quality performance. Whether you need to reduce defective parts, identify quality issues, implement new systems including industry 4.0 or create new quality auditing inspection procedures we have the know-how to put quality at the top of your priorities. Achieve maximum productively with quality solutions that will satisfy upper management, invested parties and most importantly your customers. Phoenix Quality can administer systems that will continue to improve your processes at the lowest operational cost to your manufacturing business.

Relationship Management


On-time profitable production with supply chain representation

Your business expertise is in manufacturing and handling the people and the processes from external businesses might be a shortfall. Managing the product lifecycle where you rely on another business’ production schedule can become time-consuming and stressful. Phoenix Quality have expertise in people and software to track the movement and schedules of incoming and outgoing parts. Avoid spending your time keeping suppliers on-time and your clients happy. Phoenix Quality can ease the pressure as a third-party representative with experience in controlled shipping, mediation and customer relationship management.

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Champion Manufacturing Excellence and Lead a Quality Culture for Your Team with the support of Phoenix Quality.

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Quality Inspection Services that drive Performance Improvement

Our Quality Inspection Team can support you with:

Quality Engineering Consulting & Advisory:

(but are not limited to)

  • Production Part Approval Process Review more>>>
  • PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis)
  • Supplier Quality Verification
  • Capability Study Review & Validation
  • Corrective action recommendations \ 8D
  • Root Cause & Resolve Quality Issues
  • GP12 – 2000 part inspection
  • Error Proofing Recommendations
  • Launch Containment System
  • Process Capabilities
  • Customer Care Survey & Feedback Forms

Our Quality Inspection Services Include:

(but are not limited to)

  • Incoming Inspections
  • End of Line Inspections
  • Visual Inspections
  • Attribute Gauging
  • Variable Gauging
  • Final Inspection
  • Inline/Offline Inspections
  • SPC Inspections
  • Yard Purges/Campaigns
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Barcode Error Proofing
  • Yard Purges / Campaigns
  • 100% Inspection

Successful CS2 Exit Criteria without interruption using Phoenix Quality