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Do You Struggle to Balance Production when Defects are Found?

  • Is your team too busy to sort supplier parts or yours?
  • Do you want to prevent the problem rather than continuing to look for defects?
  • Is it time for a long-term solution that doesn’t rely on 3rd Party Sorting?

Whether you are receiving bad parts from a supplier or trying to stop defects from escaping your plant, Phoenix Quality can help you to resolve issues and give you back the control you need for quality production and do it in a manner that lets you leave work on time.

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Quality. Productivity. Profitability.

Supporting Your Manufacturing Vision with Boot-on-the-Ground Knowledge

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Sorting & Containment Specialists
that help you solve performance gaps

No Temp Workers

Quality matters, and so do the people we trust with isolating and resolving quality concerns so we retain our staff.

Long-term Solutions

Rather than inserting ourselves for life-long sorting, we help you find solutions and maintain quality after we’re gone

Cost-effective Pricing

Stop relying on methods that are failing you or struggling with ongoing issues because you think pricing is a barrier.

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Start your road to continuous improvement with a team that supports your vision with quality services that are designed to create a proactive environment.

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Champion Manufacturing Excellence and Lead a Quality Culture for Your Team with the support of Phoenix Quality.

What Our Clients Have Said

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Concise Reporting

We have reduced our sorting costs by 50% in 1 year by leveraging their very concise reporting; Interfacing with their great staff and establishing strong connections with their leadership. The Phoenix Quality team understands the value of listening to their customers needs and developing strong action plans to ensure they meet expectations. Their team has exceeded the operational expectations of our company and this is very refreshing to see from a sorting organization. It is a pleasure working with the Phoenix Quality team.

Don’t Prolong the Enevitable

Quality Issuses cost Your Business Time and Money neither of which you can afford to waste, what are you going to do about it?..

Quality Experts with Sorting Services
that Get You Out of Containment

Quality Engineering Personnel

Prepare for an ISO Audit, PPAP or FMEA with support from Automotive and Manufacturing industry experts

Unparalleled Reporting Software

Quality Production Reporting with features to help identify non-conformance trends and record SPC data.

Implementation of Improved Processes

Guidance that builds a culture for quality and the knowledge to implement improvements that reduce waste and downtime.
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Dedicated Team

I am very pleased with the level of support I receive from the Phoenix Quality team. Not all quality issues occur during normal office hours and Phoenix Quality is always accommodating when calls/issues happen at non-standard hours. They have a good understanding of the needs of all manufacturing facilities involved, but also a sense of getting the job done in a manner that gets results.
I am most pleased with the implementation of a dedicated team, that takes care of issues at KTH in Shelburne. The lead inspector is hardworking, reliable and understands all parts from Gestamp, that are shipped to KTH. Familiarity like this gives a sense of confidence not often found in this industry.

Darryl Osborne |  DGO Quality Services

If you don’t have the time to fix quality issues, your customers won’t wait for you to find time and production will keep moving, so the defect, or downtime, or broken process will continue.

When staying operational is at the forefront of your objectives, Phoenix Quality can give you the relief you need to stay in control.

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Champion Manufacturing Excellence and Lead a Quality Culture for Your Team with the support of Phoenix Quality.

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