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Don’t Hesitate in the face of a Quality Crisis. We can help you Avoid Catastrophe!

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Working with Phoenix Quality was easy and efficient. They were on time, detail oriented and their reporting was clear and easy to navigate.

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Carrie Wood
Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc.


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Quality Assurance is imperative in this competitive era. Stay ahead with Phoenix Quality third-party inspection and management services.

A perfect quality control rate is near impossible to achieve and a defect somewhere in your process is inevitable, especially if you operate at high volumes.

This raises the question of how your business mitigates quality issues and quarantines quality issues that occur in a timely manner, without pulling key resources. Whether it’s heading off defects before they can occur with inline quality inspection or containment and problem-solving of the non-conformances that have already occurred, Phoenix Quality Inspections have you covered!

Make no mistake, our team are the people that get their hands dirty in the nitty gritty of manufacturing. Our boots on-the-ground philosophy has been supporting Quality and Plant Managers for 20 years.

We know the stress that arrives when defect rates increase and production slows, which makes us highly supportive of our clients that need immediate solutions.

Phoenix Quality can deploy sorting teams for prompt containment and we can help recalibrate your team to make better critical decisions when surprise strikes.

Quality Inspection Services that drive Performance Improvement

Our Quality Inspection Team can support you with:

Third-party Containment:

(but are not limited to)

  • Controlled Shipping Level 1 & 2 (CS1, CS2) more>>>
  • GP12 – Early production Containment
  • CS1/CS2 Customer/ Supplier Representation
  • CS1/CS2 Reporting Quality
  • CS1/CS2 Corrective Action Plans
  • Safe Launch
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Our Quality Inspection Services Include:

(but are not limited to)

  • Incoming Inspections
  • End of Line Inspections
  • Visual Inspections
  • Attribute Gauging
  • Variable Gauging
  • Final Inspection
  • Inline/Offline Inspections
  • SPC Inspections
  • Yard Purges/Campaigns
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Barcode Error Proofing
  • Yard Purges / Campaigns

Third-Party Quality InsPections

We offer a transparent objective – to resolve your crisis and facilitate your team with the knowledge to manage and prevent the next threat.

Starting with a new supplier or having repeated quality issues? It is time to talk to Phoenix Quality Inspections.  We ensure that products from raw material to finished goods meet quality and safety standards. No matter the position of your manufacturing business in the production cycle, whether it be as a Tier 1 supplier, Tier 2 supplier or OEM, our quality inspection services will deliver consistency for your operations.

Phoenix Quality is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a preferred provider of “Quality Assurance” and Quality Control services to major OEM’s and suppliers.  We have been operating since 2003 as a third-party inspection, sorting and containment company for many types of manufacturers with specific knowledge of automotive manufacturing quality inspections in OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier facilities.

As an independent Third Party Inspection (TPI) supplier, we offer our clients a truly un-bias and meticulous quality inspection service with the added benefits of proprietary software, E-Data Now, and expertise in rural recruitment for your facility.  Phoenix Quality Inspection’s goal is to hand the keys of your inspection requirements back to your management team, leaving your team with the knowledge to maintain your own quality standards.  As external consultants we want you to witness the exit of TPI. Our quality control services will assist in the reduction and even elimination of a third-party inspection supplier.  Our support will identify on-going quality methods for your in-house quality team or even better, for your operators to harness the power of Quality Assurance at every stage of the production process.

It’s time we unlock this power for you, by giving you guidance from a world-class quality engineering team that is passionate about Your Performance Improvement and not about how many temp workers we can put on your lines.

We are ISO Compliant & 100% audit ready!

Avoid the sleepless nights when defects drive your margins into the ground with support for turnaround of your current production and operational health. Implement protocol with backing that reduces waste and resolves manufacturing crisis swiftly.

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Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

Quality Assurance in Manufacturing

We support our clients with tailored and cost-effective quality manufacturing and containment services that remedy production or supplier problems.

Quality is a measure of your finished product and Phoenix Quality inspection services will lift the standards of your manufacturing processes by increasing productivity, identifying downtime in machinery and line assembly, troubleshooting, reducing waste and improving your quality at every stage of production.  Our quality inspectors are mobilized in your factory with industry leading quality inspection auditing technology that enables your management/production team to make real-time data-driven decisions.

Phoenix Quality is redefining the quality culture in workplaces and by applying advanced QC technology, our service is leading to optimized production environments.

Phoenix Quality Inspectors


Our great people work on the ground every day and as experienced quality inspectors, they can help you detect defective parts to reduce your waste, eliminate late shipments and ensure your parts or products meet customer standards and industry regulations. Our quality staff and recruitment processes are the key indicators for providing exceptional quality assurance, quality inspection services and customer service to our customers.

To offer your business highly competitive rates, we have eliminated many overhead costs associated with managing data and client issues, by automating live production activities and end of shift reporting processes.

Phoenix Quality has invested our savings back into the people we hire for our customers. This allows us to offer:
• Higher wages for excellent quality inspection associates
• Offer full-time positions
• World Class Training
• Superior Supervision support


Short Staffed? We also provide Quality Recruitment Services – Learn More>>>
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