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We help clients make critical changes and harness essential opportunities to improve operational performance through Quality Practices

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Quality Manufacturing Operations Advisory Practice

Productivity, Waste Reduction, Reorganization, Manufacturing and Quality Engineering Consultants driving profitable operations across the supply chain for continuous improvement or crisis management.

How Healthy is Your Production?

  • Do you have performance gaps?
  • Do you need leaner operational processes?
  • Are you looking for more profitable production?
  • Are you looking for scalable growth?

If you’ve been working tirelessly then it is time to change.  We support your endeavours to become proactive operational or quality leaders and take away the time constraints with solutions that help you plan successful production and address quality concerns before they become problems or waste.


Remove the roadblocks to start reducing cost and increasing efficiency by utilizing Phoenix Quality Advisors to guide you to better quality processes and operational systems.


We support top managers drive long-term financial and operational results with informed decisions and quality engineering knowledge to meet industry standards, problem solve, improve quality and set efficient processes in place for cost-effective operations.

Arrange a call with an Advisor and discover how we can Guide You to Quality Excellence through Cost Reduction.

Experience The Phoenix Quality Difference.

Phoenix Quality drives continuous improvement for our clients through Quality Control processes, software and quality engineering advancement. Phoenix Quality’s integrated approach enhances operational management and production processes resulting in lowered costs, opportunities for technological advancement, increased efficiency, and ultimately margins and profitability.

Phoenix Quality delivers customized consulting solutions that address the core issues of manufacturing operations such as transitioning to Industry 4.0 or PAPP & Launch Support with the specific plans, procedures and technologies required to build a stable future in competitive industrial manufacturing segments.

Our people are working inside client facilities providing quality assurance, third-party sorting, quality engineering and auditing support, all operating our proprietary software E-Data Now, to streamline and digitize the processes. Founded on the factory floor, Phoenix Quality was built on real-life production problems with industry talent. E-Data Now’s emergence was a necessary tool to improve performance during 3rd party sorting and inspection processes. Utilizing mobile technology, our simple solution delivers real-time data from the shop floor to the top floor enabling data-driven decisions.

Phoenix Quality is closing the gap for technology and people in manufacturing while simultaneously eliminating MUDA.

In-depth Industry Practitioners

Phoenix Quality has access to industry quality personnel and capabilities through our network of practitioners and industry partners. We have helped tier one, two and multinational OEM companies achieve leaner operations, more efficient supply chains, higher quality production and increased production output.

Our industry background stems from working knowledge of diagnosing the complexities in manufacturing processes and standards.

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PQ’s manufacturing services includes analysis and implementation of:

  • Management Operations
  • Restructuring and Reorganising People and Process
  • Plant Layout
  • Waste Reduction including Downtime and Scrap
  • Sequencing, Kiting, and Pick & Pack
  • Resolution of Supplier Quality Issues including Containment (CS1, CS2)

PQ Advisory Practice deploys Quality Engineering Programs:

  • Sorting / Containment Operations
  • Supplier Verification & Factory Audits
  • ISO Audit Preparation and Certification
  • Pilot Phase Management and Processes
  • Launch Readiness Reviews
  • PPAP & APQP Establishment and Approval
  • PFMEA & Control Plan Establishment
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • LPA Programs

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Experience across a wide spectrum of manufacturing and quality concerns.

We bring proven industry methodologies, diagnostic tools and technologies to improve business and operational processes, performance and capabilities.

Clients We Work With

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What others are saying about us

Our partnership with Phoenix for our special project has been a great success. From initial implementation to execution and maintenance of the process, Phoenix offered a fully autonomous, turnkey solution. Their management and field staff are extremely engaged and focused on continuous improvement. Their state of the art reporting gave us flexibility and great insight to our business conditions.

Phoenix Quality’s program allowed us to identify gaps, calculate trends and implement permanent countermeasures aimed at improving the overall quality of our products.

Philippe Hallé
Supervisor, Quality. Logistics & Trade Compliance | Honda Canada Inc


About Phoenix Quality


Phoenix Quality is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is also approved by major OEM’s and suppliers as a preferred strategic provider of “quality assurance”. We are a preferred CS2 (controlled shipping level 2) supplier for GM and Ford.


For 18 Years Phoenix Quality has led the automotive market in Sorting and Containment services (Crisis Management), pioneering development in process control with shop floor software to increased efficiency. The Company has worked with Tier One, Two and OEMs to reduce waste, improve productivity and build an internal culture of quality for continued success. We have helped companies save millions of dollars and transformed shop floor production with measurable outcomes.


Our Senior Advisors have a diverse wealth of knowledge with unrivalled expertise at the coalface of manufacturing. Our hands-on approach from ISO certification, root cause analysis and process improvement to upskilling and technology means the results we can help you achieve are powerful and sustainable. We take a holistic view of people and processes for long-term problem solving and support your implementation of the solutions that drive enduring results in line with business objectives.


Our predominant strength from crisis management, helps you to take the necessary steps to prevent catastrophe. We’ve seen it all, so we know where the problems start and have quality engineers, technicians and inspectors with vast experience to start your journey for proactive quality operations.


From labor recruitment, to development of software solutions, even providing assistance with securing growth financing, Phoenix Quality is truly unique in the Quality & Manufacturing Engineering marketplace and can provide ongoing support past advisory services – we have the tools and great people to implement recommendations and support the long-term operational success of our clients.

Our Mission:

To Reduce the World’s MUDA in industry with Quality-based Practices

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We specialise in Quality Manufacturing Support. From supplier validation, to team training, sorting and inspection, we know the inside out of quality methods to resolve your quality concerns.

Boots-on-the-ground Knowledge with Practical Solutions

Excellent Customer Service & Tireless Sorting

Optimized Reporting with Accurate Data & Reporting

Don’t Hesitate in the face of a Quality Crisis. We can help you Avoid Catastrophe!

Contain & Resolve QUality Issues

WITH Third-Party Quality Inspection Services for Manufacturers


Phoenix Quality is based from Canada servicing North America and China. Our software is across the globe with more locations adopting the initiative system every year.

How can we Support Your Manufacturing?

We can support your quality operational needs in many ways, but you might not need C-Level advisors.  PQ provides ground level support with recruitment and part sorting to inspection services in China.

QC & Inspection in China

Stop Poor Quality Arriving at Your Facility. Phoenix Quality Inspection Services in China.

Part Sorting North America

Get your production lines back on track with cost-effective third-party Sorting & Containment Specialists

Quality Engineering Consultants

Prepare for your ISO Audit, New PPAP, Corrective Action Planning, Containment Launch or GP12.

Quality Inspection and Audit Management Software – E-Data Now

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Phoenix Quality has been operating for over 15 years, survived the global financial crisis of 2008 and established our own software company. We guess you could say we know industry progression. Need help with your own? Achieve new profitability with services that deliver real-time data and proven results.

Integrating People with Technology for Industry 4.0 to Reduce Waste