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Phoenix Quality Connects manufacturing employers with quality employees

Find your next star recruit with Phoenix Quality’s expertise in manufacturing, warehousing and rural location recruitment. We screen, employ and train quality employees prior to their arrival at your facility* and they will remain a Phoenix Quality employee for the first 90 days of employment. At which time you can choose to employ them with satisfaction and security, knowing that they are a reliable team member.

Phoenix Quality is not a temp agency so why would we place temporary attitudes in your workplace. We aim to find the right fit for your business, situation and location. We fill vacancies the same way we recruit for our own positions, with quality employees.

*Or location depending we will train the new associate on-site at your facility before they commence duties within your team.

Rural Recruitment

We understand rural recruitment and we know how to dig up the hidden gem in the field. How do we understand this? Phoenix Quality had to experience the difficulties of finding quality employees first-hand. Upon winning the Honda Manufacturing of Canada Quality Inspection contract 3 years ago, we had to recruit swiftly to service this Alliston Ontario client. Spooling up for a product launch requires a higher number of quality inspectors than regular operations and we had to succeed. As you may have also discovered, we quickly stumbled upon getting noticed in a small population and seeking recruits willing to learn the skill base to work in a manufacturing plant. We were our own test case, needing literally hundreds of employees within months and our Human Resources team rose to the occasion.

Currently, being versed in the media streams and community-based efforts required to network, source and recruit quality employees, lead us into referred businesses utilizing our HR team knowledge. Phoenix Quality is proud to offer Quality Recruitment Services for manufacturing, sorting, warehousing and general labouring positions within production plants.


Ongoing Success of your Candidate

Our unique recruitment service is strengthened with our commitment to placing the right person into the position. Phoenix Quality aims to provide the tools for new employees to succeed in their roles. This includes screening them thoroughly before employing them. It also includes providing the necessary safety and skill-based training at our cost.
As a Phoenix Quality employee, we assume the responsibility of the candidate and our HR team will handle all of the necessary paperwork. You will feel the security of our support system for the worker and your business. At 3 months and upon your satisfaction of the employee’s performance, you can choose to continue with them as your employee.

Our Quality Recruitment Service will allow you to concentrate on your business and continued productivity. We know how time-consuming employing new staff can be, so let us find the perfect addition to your team.

Phoenix Quality will raise the benchmark with your next employee. Your next star could be waiting to find you. Call us today.

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Are you struggling to find the right employees?  Or simply don’t have the time to source new employees yourself?  We can help place the talent you need to keep production flowing.  Schedule a call to discuss your needs and the services we can offer.

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