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Representation & Liaison Services

Dealing with external suppliers, manufacturers and OEM customers can be onerous to busy management teams. It’s ok to ask for help with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Sometimes you simply don’t have time or the manpower to manage demanding customers or you might need ongoing support to supervise your supply chain.   If you’ve found your business in that awkward position where Major Tom isn’t commanding his production standards and Ground Control aren’t taking responsibility, then Phoenix Quality can step in as customer representatives and take control of the situation.

Whether your concerns are already at a critical level and you need notification of containment for defective parts or if want to provide a unique custom service to your customers, we offer client liaison services that will optimize your performance.

Effective supply chain management can avoid production downtime, material waste and customer relationship breakdowns.  A responsible CRM plan can save your business from significant financial hardships.  You can synchronize your supply, manage movement of production and levels of inventory to suit demand which all feeds into reduction of waste and increased profitability.  Our liaison services will assist your creation of a solid plan and the processes as well as provide consistent communications when you are busy running your own production cycle.

Our Customer & Supplier Liaison Services Include:

(but not limited to)

  • Containment Management, CS1 & CS2
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation Consultation
  • Problem identification & trouble shooting
  • Audit reports
  • Stock shortage reports
  • Defective material reports
  • Customer care survey and feedback form
  • Pay as you go
  • Onsite Supplier Development
  • And More…

Representation Mediation

As experienced production floor workers we know how to mediate between all levels of the teams running a production cycle, to keep existing arrangements healthy and to heal tested or even heated situations. Phoenix Quality can represent your business be it a Tier 1 or Tier Supplier needing support with CRM or as an OEM needing visibility of the supply chain. We address all parties concerns to get regular production cycles and launch cycles working efficiency and stakeholders satisfied with the result.

SRM - Supplier Relationship Management

Step ahead of your competitors with SRM services. Become more strategic with your supply chain management processes to highlight shortfalls in production cycles and prevent incidents. Phoenix Quality can lead you into competitive business advantages by taking control of quality concerns and KPIs. With industry supply chains now spread across the world, there are more parts moving from location to location than being manufactured locally. We can act to streamline interactions from suppliers and buyers by implementing technology that will automate smooth transactions.

Supply chain challenges can be overcome with data driven decisions. Our proprietary software E-Data Now can be used in your supplier operations as audit management software to obtain their targets and yours. It uncovers new insights for enhanced performance by collecting real-time data and improving overall quality. E-Data Now will benefit operations with data management between you, your value chain and your supply chain which in turn can potentially create greater trust and long-term relationships.

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