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From a million KN95 masks in LA to 3 Ply face masks in London Ontario, to 5 million Nitrile gloves in Delhi India, we have manufacturers and importers coming to us to help push landed whitelisted PPE from China.  Stay up to-date with your opportunities to get bottom dollar pricing on large quantities.  Most of the opportunities are in the main US ports but some opportunities do include extra freight to get to your location (or to the border if you are in Canada or Mexico).

Terms and Conditions vary between PPE and mask wholesale opportunity including escrow and cash-in-advance.

We only post trustworthy sources or manufacturers that have been vetted.

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Quick Market Factors

The Covid-19 Pandemic is a worldwide economic catastrophe

  • In 2019 Over 5 Billion Masks were Manufactured in China (50% of world production)
  • January 2020: China Stopped all Mask Exports to curve their transference
  • February 2020: Taiwan, South Korea and India stop Mask Exports
  • March 2020: China resumes world exports but quickly restricts and recalls unauthorized masks (2/3rds were non-compliant substandard products)
  • April 2020: 89 Million unauthorized masks are seized to prevent poorly made masks from continuing to flood the market
  • April 2020: Mask stock on shelves has evaporated and everything new is pre-sold
  • May 2020: We look to return to work and Masks are the new requirement

You are now in a Competition with the Rest of the WORLD.
Disposable Masks are the new Commodity and Certified Manufacturers hold the Power but we have done the leg work to pre-source YOU Quality Masks.

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Trust in Phoenix Quality | Verifying Factories and Product Quality for over 20 Years

With an in-depth understanding of Quality Control, Supplier sourcing & logistic systems in China and experience in warehousing and transportation all over the world, the Phoenix Quality Team & Expert Partner network has turned supply chain management into a weapon designed to overcome the growing medical supply chain crisis created by the Covid-19 crisis. Ensuring quality product for our front line hero’s fight Coronavirus.


Key advantages to working with Phoenix Quality:   

  • Pricing: The market has become outlandish with many parties seeking to gouge the buyers.  Phoenix Quality is trying to make these affordable to get them in the hands of people who need them, while also allowing for the quality control element to be paramount in the process
  • Quality Control and Management experience: Phoenix Quality is a leading QC company, and we have representatives on the ground at the manufacturers to ensure that the quality standards are met by our manufacturing partners.  These relationships can not be understated as the market is ripe with fraudulent production and dishonest providers.
  • FDA and CE certified products that meet the standards needed.
  • Phoenix Quality is a Canadian based enterprise and has serviced Fortune 500 clients across the globe.  Any deals will be made with the Canadian group.
  • Expedited turn-around (in as little as 10 days).  Medical supplies, as I am sure you are aware, are in high demand.  As production capacity continues to fill up the delays in delivery  may become inevitable.  However, with our on the ground relationships we have an advantage on the supply chain production line.  This may change over time, as global demand is continuing to skyrocket, however they have strong manufacturing relationships ready to go today with potential production lines that can produce millions.