Request a Quote to source a new supplier, conduct a factory audit, inspect and sort parts, or for complete supplier development programs that will drive continuous improvement of Your Goods in China. Our outstanding Quality Control and Supplier Mangement Services in China will take You out of the grind in a foreign environment >>>

Stop defects at the border. Custom Quality Inspection Services in China will safeguard your supply chain.


Phoenix Quality are experts in quality control, sorting and inspection.  Stop escaping defects reaching your facility or your clients with our expertise on the shores of China.  As a third-party quality inspection supplier, we pride ourselves on the standards required in North America.  Choose to protect your imported parts and products. Choose Phoenix Quality, we work at the highest level of quality assurance.


There are many shortfalls in manufacturing because it’s not an exact science. Variances, poor quality, poor material and time constraints can affect your bottom line but receiving these quality issues at your shipping docks should not.  Phoenix Quality offers checkpoint inspection services throughout the manufacturing process so that you can catch non-conforming issues before you lose time through corrective action and potential loss of revenue.


Our Chinese quality inspection and sorting services include:


  • Supplier Factory Audits
  • Initial Production check
  • During Production Quality Inspection
  • Random Quality Inspections
  • Pre-shipment – Learn more
  • Container Loading Inspections


Phoenix Quality is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which is an internationally recognized quality management system.  We adhere to strict internal guidelines and have robust procedures in place for auditor training, inspection processes and quality data integration to address non-conformance issues immediately.

Supplier & Factory Audit

Know Your Supplier Capabilities.

Pre-Production Inspection

Check the Processes, Control the Outcome.

During Production Inspection

Start Inspection Early, Save Earlier.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Catch non-conformance before it ships.

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Chinese Manufacturing Supplier / Factory Audits


Don’t leave your production to fate and save yourself an expensive trip to China. Phoenix Quality can screen and evaluate a supplier’s capability to meet your manufacturing requirements. Our comprehensive factory audit is the first place you should start when selecting a Chinese manufacturer.

Put Your Quality First with Third-Party Inspection.